Quality Policy

Özdemir Customs Consultancy is committed to developing, implementing and improving its management system and processes in order to achieve the highest performance in all its activities and to ensure compliance with national and international standards.

Our Commitment;

  • To operate within the sector with a qualified and experienced team that adheres to the ethical values of the Customs Brokerage profession,
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by analyzing our customers expectations correctly within the framework of the Customs Code Regulation No. 4458 and other legislation, providing instant solutions instantly understanding of service in accordance with national and international standards;
  • To take into account the expectations of customers by reaching the desired level in the quality of service and to provide it with on-site service quality;
  • Ensuring the correct implementation of economically effective customs regimes, final use, simplified procedural practices and other customs procedures in Turkey;
  • To minimize the margin of error by foreseeing and preventing the risks that may be encountered in this service by law and using scientific methods at the earliest stage;
  • To keep the quality at the highest level at every point we serve by determining the standard application methods;
  • To be among the exemplary organizations in the sector with our service policy by acting in accordance with the most up-to-date laws and regulations;
  • To ensure the security of the information created by our company and our customers, not to share it with third parties;
  • To show sensitivity to information security and to adopt this as a company policy;
  • To ensure the participation of all our employees in line with the goals and objectives of our company;
  • To conduct a mutually beneficial business relationship with the suppliers of the Company, and to support our main suppliers to establish and manage a quality management system;
  • To identify and implement hazard identification and risk management processes in order to eliminate risk or to bring it to the lowest possible level in all our activities;
  • To improve the quality of the service offered by our employees through in-house continuous trainings and to help improve their personal skills;
  • To create and measure our performances according to realistic targets;
  • To attach importance to the human factor, safety rules and environmental values;
  • The aim is to ensure the understanding, implementation and continuity of this policy at all levels.

Engin Güneş
General Manager

ISO 9001:2015
TS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017